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Dolphin Watching in Co. Clare 

Wildlife Adventure at the Mouth of the Shannon

Awarded GOLD by Ecotourism Ireland

Ireland’s greatest river opens out to the Atlantic Ocean at Carrigaholt, Co. Clare where strong ocean currents merge with the nutrient rich fresh water of the Shannon to create a plankton rich environment drawing in the large shoals of pelagic fish to feed one of Europe’s largest groups of bottlenose dolphins and thousands of ocean going seabirds.

Our purpose-built passenger boat, Draíocht ("Magic"), with your guide and skipper, wildlife enthusiast Geoff Magee,  departs from Carrigaholt Castle Pier to take you on an unforgettable adventure. Our competent and friendly crew are on board to ensure your comfort and safety and to answer any questions you have on this fully guided trip.

While watching and learning about the dolphins in their natural habitat is central to the experience, every trip is different in this very dynamic environment.  You might meet a grey seal emerging from a cave, spot a herd of wild goats on a hillside, learn about the many varieties of nesting seabirds, and enjoy the fascinating geology of Loop Head and the Kerry coast.

Carrigaholt is a recommended destination point on the Wild Atlantic Way,  Dolphinwatch was awarded gold by Ecotourism Ireland, and is one of the BBC Wildlife Magazine's Top Ten Attractions in Ireland.

A family business since 1992, we care about where we live, the wildlife, the environment and our passengers, who share the experience with us.

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Listen to a recording of dolphin sounds made last year in the Shannon.

Our Season is April 1st - October 31st.

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"One of the best wildlife experiences in the country, led by conservationists and dolphin experts Sue and Geoff Magee.They are hugely influential in marine conservation on Loop Head, and beacons of sustainable tourism in Ireland."- The Irish Times